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6/1/16 -- MARTHA Minor Injury meme. Alien bug. om nom life energy. Warning for horror, blood, violence.
6/1/16 -- MARTHA Insomnia meme. Wrecked TARDIS, stranded.
6/1/16 -- MARTHA Monster meme. Werewolves. Newly turned Martha, captured Doctor. Warning for horror, blood, violence.
6/9/16 -- MARTHA Daemon. EoT AU. Tenth to Eleventh.


12/7/16 -- MARTHA Space Wolves continued.
12/31/16 -- LISA SNART tfln.


2/3/17 -- NEMESIS tfln.
2/22/17 -- MISSY wrong doctor.

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CHARACTER NAME: The Doctor (tenth)

Backtagging: Yes
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Fourthwalling: Uhhh... this could kinda go either way. It's prob better to ask.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): N/A.

Hugging this character: Yes please. Hugs are life.
Kissing this character: You... can. He'll likely flail a lot and pull away very fast though.
Flirting with this character: By all means. He might just... be a bit oblivious, let's be real.
Fighting with this character: Go for it. He's more likely to find a way to extract himself from a situation through words or wit, rather than fight back physically.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): Recoverable injuries are fine, though still ask. Anything beyond that definitely ask. I'll likely say yes.
Killing this character: Ask first.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: No. ...Unless you're the Master. Or unless he's like... dying, then his shields would likely be weaker but... still ask in that case, heh.
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The Basics
Canon: Doctor Who
Character Name: The Doctor (tenth)
Character Journal: [personal profile] thetenthstorm
Player Name: Heather
Best contact method: [ profile] ShadowSpirits | [personal profile] shadowspirit

Character Details
Canon Point: End of Time part 2, mid-regeneration.
Species: Time Lord.

Timeline of Important Events in Canon History:

  • Once there was a man who ran from his home of Gallifrey, stole and ship that could travel through space and time, and never stopped running...
  • Once, as the Doctor believes, he destroyed his home in order to save everything. The Time Lord High Council, in order to survive the Time War against the Daleks, intended to initiate the "Final Sanction." This would ascend them to a higher plane of existence, while ripping apart the time vortex and ending all of time. The Doctor stopped them.

  • Regenerated from ninth incarnation in order to save his companion, Rose. Went bad, as they're wont to do.
  • Lost a hand in a battle. Regrew it, per still having regenerative energies.
  • Accidentally becomes the reason that Queen Victoria founds Torchwood.
  • Reunites with Sarah Jane Smith, one of his companions from an earlier regeneration. She declines his offer to join them in their travels, but Mickey joins instead. +1 Tin Dog.
  • Ends up on a parallel universe. Meets alternates of folks. Cybermen are problematic. Mickey stays in the parallel universe. -1 Tin Dog.
  • Much traveling later, Cybermen return to be a problem, coming in from the parallel universe after following a ship of Daleks.
  • In fixing the problem, Rose unwillingly gets sealed in the parallel universe, which positively shatters the Doctor emotionally. -1 Companion.
  • A woman named Donna Noble appears in the Doctor's TARDIS. In a wedding dress. Thwarting alien plots, woohoo! Donna parts ways.
  • HEL-LO rebounds. The Doctor inadvertently ends up in trouble, meeting Martha Jones along the way and then asking her to come along with him. +1 companion!
  • Seeing old friend in the Face of Boe. +1 Cryptic Message. "You Are Not Alone." Thanks???
  • The Doctor and Martha encounter Doctor Lazarus, who's seemingly created a device to restore eternal youth. It goes wrong, of course. But there's no way this will creep back up on the Doctor, right?
  • In order to hide from a species wanting to eat his life force, the Doctor temporarily turns himself human, completely with fake memories and a fake life, with only Martha to try and protect him. His human self falls in love and then essentially has to die so that he can be "the Doctor" again and save the day.
  • The Doctor locks each of the species in an eternal punishment.
  • Welcome to Malcassairo, where the last of the human race exists. Also his old friend Jack Harkness literally hitched a ride on the outside of the TARDIS. Let's avoid talking about our feelings. They meet an old man named Professor Yana who's building a rocket to take the human race to "Utopia." Cryptic Message makes sense waaay too late. (You Are Not Alone = YANA). Ah, shit. Old enemies wake up, Professor Yana remembers he's the Master. Unsurprisingly, everything is awful.
  • The Master uses the Lazarus technology (guess that did come back to bite him, huh?) against the Doctor to age him extremely beyond his current age, using that hand that was cut off a season ago. And then he creates a paradox and takes over the planet. Great.
  • "The Year that Never Was." Combined efforts of Martha, the human race, and the Doctor, fixes things. Except the Master is a jerk and seemingly lets himself die from a bullet wound instead of regenerating.
  • So Master dies. Martha leaves. -1 Companion. Doctor's on his own again because that always goes well but he meets up with Donna Noble again and after saving the day, she agrees to travel with him. +1 Companion.
  • At one point they're on the Ood-Sphere, where they work to set the Ood free. The Ood weirdly refer to them as the DoctorDonna, which takes a long while to make sense to them. Ood Sigma takes care of the rest of the Ood.
  • Eventually meets up with Martha, who's now working with UNIT, to help out with a problem on Earth.
  • Along with Donna and Martha, he ends up in-between a war on Messaline. In order to make soldiers, one of the sides takes DNA and creates clones. A young woman clone is made from the Doctor, later named Jenny by Donna. Far as he knows, she's dead. Y'know. After he really got to like her and all :|
  • Martha returns to Earth.
  • In the 51st century he meets a woman who claims to be his wife in the future, which would be laughable if she didn't know his true name. Welp.
  • The Doctor's old enemy and creator of the Daleks shows up to destroy the universe and ruin the Doctor's life.
  • What. It's true.
  • Rose ends up back in her original universe. The Doctor gets shot by a Dalek and technically regenerates messing up everyone's counting, but keeps his same appearance because he's vain as hell. He dumps excess energy into his spare hand.
  • Shit goes wrong but that stupid hand creeps up again and grows a human clone of the Doctor, with some of Donna's mind. DoctorDonna. Doctor's mind ends up sandwiched with Donna's. essentially erasing all her memories of their travels.
  • He leaves Rose and his awful human clone back in the parallel universe because he acknowledges that the clone can probably make Rose happy and clearly he sucks at doing anything good for his friends.
  • Because then his mind in Donna's his busy trying to nuke Donna's mind, so in order to keep her alive, he contains all of her memories of their adventures. Against her will.
  • Traveling alone, the Doctor eventually encounters a woman that tells him a prophecy of "your song is ending" and "he will knock four times." He then spends a very long time running from that prophecy.
  • Ends up on Mars. Has a mental breakdown. Decides that he can break the rules of time because he's the last Time Lord. Claims to be the "Time Lord Victorious."
  • Humans stuff that in his face and time reacts and he has a massive war of consciousness.
  • More running from that prophecy after seeing Ood Sigma.
  • **Note, he does not remember of this: While avoiding his prophecy and relaxing with Queen Elizabeth (who he believed to be a Zygon), he encounters a fissure in time and meets up with his eleventh self, and the War Doctor. In the end, he joins all his regenerations in order to seal Gallifrey into a pocket of spacetime, saving it instead of burning it. (Somewhere during it all he did marry Queen Elizabeth. That he does have a very abbreviated memory of, for some reason.)
  • Of course he loses his memories of the event, so he still believes he burned Gallifrey.
  • Ood Sigma calls him and he finally answers and finds out that the Master is back and "the end of time itself" is approaching.
  • Everything is awful and the universe nearly ends because the Time Lords are trying to save themselves (re:Final Sanction). They fail, the Master saves the Doctor, the Doctor thinks he's survived the prophecy, but it's Wilf who knocks four times.
  • Sacrifices himself to save Wilf after working through some... emotions. Regeneration is slow because he's chalk full of radiation. In the midst of it, he sees the sky blocked out by a massive creature, and the world ends.

  • (He's of the belief that he prob tried to stop things and that he's likely partially at fault for failing to save the world, courtesy of him not regenerating fast enough. He has a bit of a Guilt Complex.)

"He's like fire and ice and rage. He's like the night and the storm in the heart of the sun. He's ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and can see the turn of the universe. And... he's wonderful."

In your character's canon, what motivates or drives them to make the decisions and choices they make?

Explorer | Protector | Warrior
    -Explorer. Seeing the universe, finding new things, new people. The Doctor is over a thousand years old. He's seen a lot of life, and a lot of death. Learning other things gives a spark to him that keeps him moving. And then there's showing others the universe, that there's more out there. Exploring a universe by himself isn't very exciting... With another person, he can re-experience things through them (and most times sometimes he likes to show off).

    -Protector. A loyal guardian. He finds trouble, or it finds him, and he won't turn his back on a people, a planet, anyone or anything. They need help and he'll be there, fighting tooth and nail to save the day. If his friends and/or companions end up in harm's way, he will bring down mountains to get them to safety.

    -Warrior. The "Oncoming Storm." There's always a lingering darkness to the Doctor. Cold, morose. Angry. He keeps it hidden away as much as he possibly can, because he doesn't like it, even though it's always a part of him. He's old. He's feared, throughout the universe and even across it into others. The "Oncoming Storm" is a title he's earned in his time. Though sometimes used in jest, the name usually comes out when the Doctor is in a very dark state of mind; something very bad had to have happened to draw it out from his light. This state of the Doctor twists the good things about him if he doesn't have someone to hold him back. His pride is unchecked. His arrogance his uncheck. His mercy is nowhere to be seen and he can be very cruel.

    When he first regenerated into his tenth self, the Doctor was a force of excessive energy and cheer. He was more open than he was in his previous regeneration and he was ready to travel the universe with a rekindled life with Rose at his side. But as that cheer started to be chipped away at due to various circumstances like losing companions or having his perchance for mercy taken for granted, the cheer he displayed started to become more of a mask.

    There's a reason that the Doctor's companions have often made observations that the Doctor shouldn't travel alone, that he needs someone alongside him. Truth is, without a companion, the Doctor has no one to hold him back. He's unhinged, and at his canon point, he knows it, too.

    After the disaster made by Davros, he frighteningly saw what became of many of his past companions. His "soldiers," as Davros mocked:

      "The man who abhors violence, never carrying a gun, but this is the truth, Doctor: you take ordinary people and you fashion them into weapons... behold your Children of Time, transformed into murderers. I made the Daleks, Doctor, you made this."
      "How many have died in your name?"
      "The Doctor, the man who keeps running, never looking back because he dare not, out of shame. This is my final victory, Doctor. I have shown you yourself."

    Not only has he realized what he inadvertently turned his friends into, he's aware of what he does to his enemies. The Doctor has always been known as someone who abhors weapons and violence, he doesn't kill people, but he's gotten "clever." He's learned to work around it, manipulate people, make them self-destruct themselves--sometimes a fate worse than death.

    He's become a force of destruction that only has one equivalent: the Master. His counterbalance, his greatest enemy and sometimes friend. He's become everything he never wanted to be, and it's a struggle for him to push that all away and remember what he was like back when he first regenerated into this form.

    In canon, he had a break. He remarks that "I've lived too long" and stops running from a prophecy that has been chasing him down until he could no longer outrun it. He accepts death and what it's for (saving a very good friend, an old man named Wilf, and granddad to the Doctor's best friend, Donna). He regenerates.

    He doesn't get that break here. The world ends (as he's led to believe), after he tried to hard to keep the Time Lords from destroying it. Dammit.

    The Doctor is loyal to his friends to a fault. He's loyal to them even if they've happened to up and turn evil on him; he'll still desperately try to save them (re: the Master).

    He often believes those friends are better off without him, fearing that when things hit their worst point, that they'll abandon him. When he first regenerated, Rose looked at him like she didn't even know him (to be fair, he barely knew himself), and instead of talking things out like a normal person, he brings her back to her mum. In the end, he knows everyone leaves. He outlives them, and sometimes it's better to leave them behind, push them away, before they walk out on him.

    He never really talks. Never says things aloud that need to be said. He replies with: "Does it need saying?" when Rose asks how "I'm always alright.")

    But under all that darkness, there's always light, whether it's a mask or not. The Doctor is a high-spirited individual. He's fascinated by new things, and gets giddy over discoveries. Sorry, did you say dragons? ACTUAL dragons? Psssh, so what if they're probably insanely dangerous and could kill him without a single bit of effort, he wants to know everything! Hi, Great Beasts? Can he get an interview? Please? ...Yeah. His curiosity is just as much as a fault as his loyalty.

    He's a genius, and he knows it--he's got one heck of an ego--but he can miss the simple things. The things right in front of him. The very human things.

    Finally, there's always one gigantic, massive weight that he carries around: that he is the last of the Time Lords and that he's the reason that none are left. He doesn't remember that they tried to save Gallifrey instead. This is always, always a black spot in his heart chalk full of regret. He knows the exact number of children that were on Gallifrey that day, and it guts him.

Abilities, Magic and Supernatural Skills/Afflictions:
    -Telepath. All Time Lords are touch-telepaths. Some Time Lords, like the Master, use thought-manipulation with his abilities. While with practice that Doctor probably could, he never would. Unlike his regenerations that follow, the tenth Doctor very rarely uses telepathy. He formerly had a mental connection to his TARDIS; connection to his dragon will likely fill this void to some extent.

    -Very strong mental walls. Courtesy of being a telepath, he knows what he's doing in terms of keeping his mind safe. It would take a stronger psychic, such as the Master, to break through, and even then the Doctor can compartmentalize and try to hide things.

    -Species Awareness. Can sense if there are other Time Lords about. Or, y'know, the lack of them.

    -Time Awareness. Usually Time Lords have an understanding of the timeline and time around them. Given that the Doctor is uprooted from his universe, this is likely completely nonexistent. He might know--say, during the course of the game, something screws with the timeline--that something happened and have a vertigo-like feel, but that's certainly up to the mods if it actually comes up.

    -Other Time Lord Things: Two hearts, respiratory bypass system (allows him to go without air for longer than a human could), strong senses (for this regeneration, "taste" especially), regeneration (normally if a Time Lord were past the point of healing and died, they would regenerate; courtesy of Game Mechanics, this is moot), restorative coma (able to sink his body into a healing trance if he's in dire need of health; this likely will draw from his magic and/or his link with his dragon). Very long lifespan.

    -Resilience. High stamina, endurance, and pain tolerance. Very nimble. Very strong for his build. Able to withstand high heat/cold temperatures. Needs much less sleep than humans.

    -Swordsmanship. He's been shown multiple times at being able to hold his own with a sword objects similar in length (like a cane).

    -Piloting. He's expertly flown various kinds of spaceships and could likely adapt to less advanced forms of ships.

Dragon & Magical Element
Elemental Alignment:
    Water - Water is everything he wants to be. For him, Fire is destruction. Disaster. Explosions. He doesn't want that. He wants to be the man who makes people better, not a mockery of that. I think Water is essentially his soul "righting" itself, where he doesn't have a regeneration to do it. Water to him is healing, soothing the wounds he's created in himself and those around him. It helps him stabilize. But Water still has a deadly side to it, and even as he tries to stifle it down, I think it could become a weapon to him, no matter how much he despises the thought.

    Fire - And then there's the flipside. Fire is his reminder of his past that never goes away: how he burned Gallifrey. "What did it feel like, though? Two ol' mighty civilizations burning... Oh, tell me, how did that feel? You must have been like God." Fire is the Doctor's burning, inescapable. This is his vindication, his desire to save his friends even at the cost of other lives. Fire for him is a representation of something uncontrolled. Him without a companion, him believing that the laws of time were his. If he ends up with Fire, he likely will restrain himself from using it, but it'll come out when he's angry, or emotional. And he has a myriad of reasons for that to happen.

    Energy - A third element is hard. Polar-opposites fit him well, like Fire and Water. Energy could be a good fit though, because not only is he full of it, but it represents a part of him that he won't really get here. He's a technological genius, in a place that... doesn't have what he's used to fiddling with. Nor does he have his technology--his ship, his screwdriver--that he's used to falling back on. Access to Energy magic gives him back some of his "hands-on tools." And, well, one more sort of silly thing is it nicely fits in with his "Oncoming Storm" motif. However, if he ever develops the ability to shoot energy, it will unwelcomingly remind him of the last time he saw the Master.

Personality traits inherited from Character Bond:
  • Mischievous.
  • Manipulative.
  • Loyalty.
  • Curiosity.
  • Unbridled Fury.

Dragon Statistics

Sophia ("Wisdom" in Greek) at full-size, is considered a Standard dragon. She's serpentine in form, long and thin enough that the Doctor can almost hug her and link his fingers together (but not quite). She's terrible with a rider, but she can have one, though if they're not an ally of the Doctor, she'll shirk the rider... and even then... It really depends on her mood, and maybe have a little bit of bribery involved.

Because of her serpentine shape, she can coil her form into a more Medium size.

She has four, flowing, fin-like wings that fan out while she's flying and seal to her body if she's underwater, helping streamline her form. Two of her lower wings are significantly smaller than the upper ones. Two forelegs, clawed, small; not useful for much other than grabbing hold of things. Usually tucked in close to her body. Her scales are smooth and a deep blue, the tips of her wings and tail accented by crimson. Her eyes are pale blue. She has a few spike-like protrusions from her head.

(She's very similar to a dragonhawk from World of Warcraft.)

A rough drawing of her.

She's almost always in a constant state of moving. Even her "idling" state is a languid float through the air, usually taking on a circular motion; head following tail, sometimes around the Doctor.

Sophia relies on agility and dexterity. She's not very strong physically, and if she doesn't have room to move, she's in a lot of trouble.

    Rider: Yes, one.

    Flying/Swimming: Yes to both. Better in water.

    Diet: Fish. Capable of eating meat in a pinch, but it doesn't sit well.

    Vocalizations: Communicates in hoots/whistles/clicks more than anything.

    Some of the similar sounds she might make when pissed off or fighting.

    Egg: Sophia's eggshells are a much richer blue than her scales. "TARDIS blue" the Doctor jokes, humorlessly. It's a bit smaller than an ostrich egg, and slippery to touch. Completely smooth, no ridges.

Writing Samples
First Sample: Test Drive Sample w/ Martha Jones. (Dragon still a hatchling).
Second Sample:
Heeding the Call

He never appreciates following anyone's rules for him, but even he's not strong enough to resist the pull, not for very long. It makes him angry; the entire mess makes him angry. His thoughts boil and simmer while he journeys, not talking to anyone he passes, not even taking in the sights. It's wrong for him, a traveler, and explorer. All he can remember and feel is that victory, sending the Time Lords back to the Time War. Saving the Earth, even as he had to give himself to pull Wilf out.

And then it was all tarnished. Victory, yanked from him. His regenerative energy weighing him down, and then there was a creature blocking out the sky and it's not fair.

When he finds himself in the Heart of Nuren, his erratic thoughts quell and he feels everything just... fall away from him. He's so very tired.

He stares at the hundreds--thousands--of dragon eggs.

The Doctor draws in a breath. If he focuses, instead of fights with it, he can feel that tug along his soul. With a hitch of his breathing, he realizes it's where the TARDIS used to be.

He walks. Slow, careful. He doesn't know how long it takes, how many eggs he's passed, but even without that tug, he knows when he finds it. That blue is unmistakable. For a foolish moment he wonders if, maybe, the TARDIS was reborn along with him.

Pipe dreams.

He crouches down and just stares at the smooth shell and finds himself smiling, watery and a little sad, but a real smile. He's glad no one else is around him. "Hello there," he greets the egg. His hands hang between his knees. There's still some fight to him, unwilling to touch the egg, like if he does, it'll make everything real. His memories, his situation. His loss, his failure. "Ah, I'm sorry, I've really been making you wait, haven't I?"

His hands twitches forward, reaching out, just shy of touching the shell.

"Sorry," he says again, quieter, "I feel like you've gotten the wrong Doctor."

He shouldn't be this face. He should have woken as someone new. He should have regenerated, but the disaster cut it away from him. For all his running from that prophecy, he terrifyingly realizes that he's disappointed.

He presses his hand to the shell and the warmth is almost too much. The dragon that hatches from it looks like a small blue worm and doesn't at all feel like that TARDIS, but he laughs nonetheless and collects the spool of scales into his palms, stroking at frail wings and watching her coil into something smaller.

She makes him feel like this is going to be okay, somehow.
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Drop an opener. Picture prompts are my fav. Quotes! Whatev!

I can BS stuff and ship most things but unless we're treating things as "established" anything with the Doctor is slowburn because LMFAO....... yeah.

Seriously though if you give me no direction it might end up completed Effed Up from what you may've been imagining =) Even genre could help.

Juuuuuuust sayin'.

Other Notes:
-No smut. I am shit at writing smut lol.
-My default canon point is post-Waters of Mars, pre-EoT, so if you want anything else you'll need to mention!


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